Music Study Timeline

After students complete their studies in KS 3 (Year 9) or MYP (Grade 10), they will start delving deeper into their music subject studies as one of their electives.


We also offer bespoke programmes for private students and schools. Please get in touch with us for inquiries or a proposal.


Learning timeline: 


British curriculum

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International Baccalaureate (IB) 

Self Photos / Files - icon-international-0PYP (Grades 1 to 5/Age 5 to 12)Public Photos / Files - arrow2 (1)Self Photos / Files - icon-international-3MYP (Grades 6 to 10/Age 11 to 16) Public Photos / Files - arrow2 (1) Self Photos / Files - icon-international-2DP (Grade 11 to 12/Age 16 to 19) Public Photos / Files - arrow2 (1)

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I/GCSE Music

The GCSE Music (Pearson and AQA Examination Boards) and IGCSE Cambridge are usually two-year programmes for Years 10 and 11 students. This helps students build a foundation with solid music knowledge, spreading from Western Classical music to pop music, fusion, musical, and world music (for IGCSE Cambridge).


Once students finish the GCSE or IGCSE Music programme, they can continue their studies by pursuing A-Level Music or IBDP Music (Group 6) - the two different paths to choose from depending on their interests and goals.


GCE A-Level Music

The A-Level Music curriculum builds on the knowledge, skills, and experience gained in the IGCSE or GCSE Music programme. Students who choose this path will delve deeper into music knowledge, composition, performance, and research. Different options are available for students to pursue based on their musical interests or future paths.



IBDP Music

IBDP Music curriculum focuses on the students' composing, performing, and researching roles in HL or SL alongside the multimedia music project in HL Music. This is a versatile curriculum that fits students who are ready to explore different musical styles.